29+1 (2016)
'29+1' is a directorial debut by a HK talented female-theatre-script writer-director in Hong Kong, Kearen Pang. Who is a drama queen in local, '29+1' was a very popular theater drama in HK. Which was wrote, directed and acted by Kearen Pang. It had been shown for 100+ drama shows for 10 years, to win almost 50,000 audiences' hearts. '29+1' is a mellow drama about two never meet ladies are turning to 30 years old soon. They are two different ladies with happy and stressful life. Accidentally, the 'happy' lady move out from a flat and the 'stressful' lady move in. Through exploring 'happy' lady's diary, 'stressful' lady not only discovers that they share the same birthday, but also learns about the bits and pieces of 'happy' lady's life. Their life seems to be changed. Through reflection, their virtual bond grows and they begin to influence each other. But who's really affecting whose life? It is a story full of life struggle, but without struggle, there is no progress. It's a touching ...

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