The Freeze (2016)
On an otherwise mundane morning, Shelly McKenzie wakes up in a cabin, on the outskirts of Lexington Ky. Suffering from temporary amnesia, she notices she is surrounded by EKG patches connected to an old school photo booth. She is EVEN MORE startled by the myriad of dead bodies, lying around her. Not just any dead bodies, but rather several F.B.I Agents, all connected to a major investigation with international implications. Shelly leaves the cabin in a daze, until she can regain her memory. As her memory returns, Detective Scott Martin, arrives to investigate the deaths in the cabin. Detective Martin immediately notices evidence that is cryptic, but all pointing toward the next day at 11:01 A.M. Shelly also discovers this specific date and time, but is arrested and charged with the deaths. Proclaiming her innocence, the next day arrives and at 11:01 A.M, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING FREEZES IN TIME. Based on actions, they took the previous day; the only ones immune to the 24 hour ..

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