Chariot (2017)
Corrupt politician Len Lewys-Jones (Robert Pugh) is poised to win an historic by-election in post-Brexit Wales. His rival for the seat is principled but popular human rights lawyer Alice Cartwright (Helen Griffin), in a race which is drawing nationwide attention. Hyper ambitious, Len will do anything to secure a victory, even if it means betraying those closest to him. He is accompanied by Craig (Rhys Isaac-Jones), an idealistic and loyal young aide, who is nevertheless horrified by Len's boorishness and venality. Married to Len is Diane (Caroline Berry), a woman several years younger who turns a blind eye to her husband's peccadilloes, due to the lavish lifestyle his money and status afford. However, her selective blindness is tested when local woman Toni (Nia Trussler Jones) enters their lives. At the same time, Ceri and Marc (Darren Evans and Rob Surman) - two talented but socially inept young graduates who publish graphic novels together - have discovered they are to lose their ..

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