We'll Get Back to You (2017)
Six friends graduate and move to Istanbul where they search for jobs and their place in life, but this won't be as easy as they hoped for - Cahit is a genius Computer Engineer whose luck in job interviews just won't go well. Define who is chasing her dreams to become a fashion icon soon realizes that graduating is only the first step to long road. Yusuf, the son of a sport dynasty has been raised to build up his muscles and his strength which adventually made him an unhappy college graduate who is hopeless for his future. Lale the leader of the gang turned her back on her family to live her own life is an Endustiral Engineer and her boyfriend Akin is an unfortunate director wanna be whose film gets rejected from all the film festivals he applied. The last but not least Nur is still a student in medical practice. After Akin falls in depression, Cahit decides to bribe the film festival juries so they would let Akin's movie win but there is a problem; he has no money. Cahit's solution to..

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