Dancer (2017)
Like "Flashdance," DANCER steals your heart with the inspirational story of what it takes for a talented but unknown young teen to make it in the competitive world of professional dancers in New York. Although self-taught, Tresa Roberts is a gifted athlete and phenomenal dancer with sights on a professional career. Despite her grit and streak of independence, Tresa's aspirations clash with her single mother's protective instincts in a town where moving on and becoming somebody is just a dream waiting to be quashed by reality. Then Tresa's friend uploads videos of her dance routines to YouTube generating responses from millions of viewers, including Pia, a famous choreographer with an international touring dance company. Pia changes everything when she offers Tresa a scholarship to a prestigious dance academy in New York to compete with the best of the best in a one-time showcase event to determine who gets invited to join her company. Not only does being a great dancer not mean she's ..

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