The Moleskin Diary (2017)
Hard Surfaces is about Adrian, a famous photographer that has earned a reputation and following for his unique style of photography. He invites drug addicts into his studio and shoots them while they do their drug of choice. Living the fast and wild life of a semi-celebrity, Adrian parties hard to drown out his past, but is high functioning and doesn't let partying get in the way of his professional life. Life appears to be going perfectly for Adrian and his trophy-girlfriend Liz, until his sister Samantha, who he hasn't seen in a decade, suddenly dies, leaving Adrian as the sole guardian of her 9-year-old daughter Maddy. Adrian has never met Maddy but is determined to keep her from experiencing a childhood like his own. A childhood spend in and out of various orphanages. Even with Maddy around he fights to hold on to his carefree life. Adrian ultimately realizes that his life as he knew will have to change dramatically in order for him to keep custody of Maddy. His relationship with ..

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