El Fútbol o yo (2017)
Pedro Pintos (Adrián Suar), a call center manager at an important medical services company, is a football (soccer) fan of any team, jersey, league or nationality. He watches football anytime, anywhere, at home, at work, even on weekends. He's been married to Verónica (Julieta Díaz) for twenty years and they have two teenage daughters. His passion for football has been with him since childhood, living together quite in harmony with the rest of his life. But, before he knew it, his obsession started to gradually take control of his whole life and, mainly, his loved ones. Suddenly, Pedro finds himself separated from Veronica and fired from his job. Deep in his own misery, he acknowledges himself as a football addict and decides to look for help. He finds it at an Alcoholic Anonymous group, where he hides his real addiction. Pedro will try to get his old life back, and find the balance between his passion for football and the love for his family. But it might be too late

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