Padayatre: A Journey by Foot (2017)
The story is set in a small village during in pre-independence of India. Mr. Gandhi goes on a countrywide PADAYATRA against untouchability, collecting money for the recently founded "HARIJAN SEWAK SANGH" for the purpose of Harijan's upliftment. During his visit in Mysore (India) Jan 1934 decides to give a speech, his social workers reach all the villages to spread this message before he arrives and gather mass volume of people to listen his motivational public speech and donate fund for Harijan's upliftment. CHARATA attends Mr. Gandhi's speech in Mysore, he donates his small saved money to "HARI JAN SEVAK SANGH" which built for Harijan upliftment and comes out from drink evil after listening an inspirational speech given by Mr. Gandhi. From there, he starts a new journey by foot thru participating in Mr. Gandhi's PADAYATRE to make his life meaningful and gets transformed

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