All Those Friendly People (2017)
With only a week before his departure, Alex, a 17 year old tax-write-off of a kid, teamed with his two best friends Paul and Ellie, attempt tie up loose ends while simultaneously untying old ones. Whether it be as involved as writing an ending to his short film or being caught in a literal Mexican standoff with his ex's new boyfriend or whether it be the opposite, being forced to simply become a spectator, watching his family fall apart or having his feelings towards his best friend unravel, Alex's world is being turned upside down. This hits him like a truck so much so that the only way for him to cope is, with him being a filmmaker, he imagines moments in his life as scenes from other films because it becomes the only place he's comfortable and the only place he's truly confident. With a week left, Alex's biggest obstacle is and has always been himself

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