Locard's Principle (2017)
Landon Cain (Joe Mackey) was a top forensic detective (CSI) who started covering up evidence for a ruthless crime syndicate. Until he was fired from the police force after his conscience began manifesting as crippling panic attacks. The mob fully lures him in when he starts work as their unique asset - an untraceable hit-man. Cain's knowledge of law enforcement and forensics allow him to perfectly cover his tracks and misdirect investigations. But the panic attacks return with a vengeance and mental instability jeopardizes his duties as assassin. Cain's troubled but devoted fiancee Lanna (Samantha Barrios) begs him to break the criminal code and quit. His megalomaniacal mafia boss (Philip Paz) agrees - under the condition he fulfills one last nearly impossible task. Now Cain has 48 hours to complete his mission, confront his past trangressions and make a desperate escape with Lanna . . . or become the body on an autopsy table

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