You Ruined Our Life! (2017)
Bob Tearman (Bob Mann) is 42 with a bullet. No wife, no kids. Zero accomplishments. His life has not turned out the way he thought it would. So much so, that's he's seriously wondering if he should even carry on living. And then one morning, through some kind of magic he doesn't understand, he finds the 12 year-old version of himself, Bobby (Jordan Poole) asleep in his apartment. When Bobby sees how badly their life has turned out he is determined to put things right. His plan to do this involves going after the bullies from junior high, now adults like Bob, and...wait for it...killing them. As things spiral out of control, Bob has his hands full, first with Bobby's crazy dreams of revenge and later the bullies themselves when the dreams become reality. At that point, to quote Bad Boys 2, the **** gets real

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