Justice for All (2017)
Agent De Leon is the perfect version of a Latin 007, he is once again in a dangerous mission and its outcome may determine the future of the world. But this new mission is very close to the heart of Leon, as he seek to find the mysterious and diabolical "Magician" who is responsible for the death of his great love. From Los Angeles, California, Leon is sent by his boss Robert to catch the villain in Argentina. This is where the Magician has created a new form of drug that is destroying our youth and where it is the center of operations from witch the Magician will distributed the drug to Europe and the United States. Leon is sent to awaken a sleeper, a secret agent infiltrated in Argentina by the American government. His name Marcos. Leon will be forced to awaken the sleeping and working with him . But Marcos does not prove to have special qualities agent or anything like that. What Leon does not know is that he has awakened the wrong sleeper who is actually the twin brother of true ...

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