Meari to majo no hana (2017)
A young girl, lives with relatives. Following two cat she encounters a strange flower, a flower that grants magical powers and picks it to take it home. Then later, with the help of one of the cats, she finds a broom. The other cat is missing. Our heroine, not knowing what it is, has the flower squished between her hands. Upon touching the broom it begins to move, it takes her to a strange new place. Once she arrives a little creature chastises her for crashing into the broom stands. The creature guides her to the "university". On he tour she meets two foreboding characters. The Doctor, and the Matriarch. On the tour she sees animals in cages, screaming. She feels something bad is going on and when allowed in the Matriarch's home she steals a book. She is caught but gives up a note to hide it. The note says the location of a boy who is captured and will be used as an experiment. Who this kidnapping she's guided to her grandmothers home, which gives us information about why this is ...

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