Colossal Youth (2017)
High school, a time when it is all about who you hang out with, where the next party is and the girl you hope to meet there. It is a time for kicks, friendships and silly misguided adventures. Ryder Jensen is a hopeless romantic teen, lacking direction, trying to find his place in the world. When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, Ryder is his own worst enemy. Ryder and his friends are excited about their senior year but worry about graduation and their futures but that doesn't stop them from having plenty of foolish teenage adventures. Ryder's dream girl Siobhan comes back into his life. Their relationship is and always has been full of ups and downs. Ryder meets other girls but none are as interesting to him as Siobhan. It's not until when Ryder hits rock bottom, that he realizes the true girl of his dreams Erica has been there all along, the problem is she's the girlfriend of one of his good buddies. Ryder and Erica have been friends since they were 9, so they ...

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